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Aventis Learning Group (ALG) is the corporate training arm of Aventis Graduate School (AGS), a private educational institution dedicated to the upgrading of working professionals. As Asia’s leading multi-award-winning corporate training solutions provider headquartered in Singapore, we are fully committed to providing enriching, practical, and cutting-edge professional courses and solutions that fulfil the learning and development needs of Professionals, Managers, and Executives (PMEs).

Established in 2008, we pride ourselves on having a successful track record of over a decade in conducting an average of over 600 professional courses, seminars, and professional certification courses annually in niche areas to keep up with the evolving industry and market trends.

As your one-stop corporate training solutions provider, we offer various modes of learning to suit different profiles of working professionals. We offer classroom learning, virtual learning via Zoom, and self-paced e-learning courses. In addition, we offer customised training solutions for organisations such as courseware development, in-house training, blended learning, as well as Training Needs Analysis (TNA). With these in place, combined with a strong team of over 100 associate trainers and subject matter experts, we have attracted over 60,000 satisfied learners.


Website: www.aventislearning.com

Contact Details: Rina, [email protected], 6720 3333


Demonstration of industry leadership

In view of the growing importance of Corporate mental wellness, Aventis Learning Group launches its new division, Aventis Wellness, a leading provider of holistic wellness solutions that has focus on promoting and educating corporate mental wellness to employers in Singapore. By combining cutting-edge research, evidence-based methodologies, and a team of expert mental health professionals. Our mission is to create mentally healthy workplaces where employees can thrive both personally and professionally. With a firm commitment to nurturing a mentally resilient workforce, Aventis has been at the forefront of transforming workplace mental health practices, fostering employee well-being, and enhancing productivity.


Provision of innovative product & service offerings

Aventis Wellness offers a comprehensive suite of corporate mental wellness programs, including interactive workshops, training sessions including psychological first-aid, Mental Wellness Coach, mindfulness coaching, office yoga amongst its suite of workshops. Aventis wellness also offers bespoke lunch and learn mental wellness talk, one-on-one counselling, and customized well-being initiatives, including the Employee Assistance programme.

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