Mauve Group
2023 Contenders | Best Employer of Record (EOR) Service Provider

Mauve Group is an award-winning global HR, employment, and business consultancy solutions provider. With over 27 years of experience, Mauve Group have developed the global knowledge to support businesses of any size planning to expand internationally.
Mauve was established during the tech boom of the 1990s when businesses were increasingly shifting towards a global mindset. Mauve’s founders identified a gap in the market for compliant global employment solutions and helped to lay the foundations for the global Employer of Record (EoR) model.

What began as a vision in a small office in Northern Italy has evolved into an international market-leading group of companies, with over 70 wholly owned entities globally.
Mauve Group understand no two businesses are the same, so our suite of products which span from global payroll to employment and immigration solutions, can operate as standalone individual services or be built into bespoke packages to meet our client’s needs.
Mauve’s creative solutions have helped organisations to succeed in more than 150+ countries worldwide and across more than 70 different sectors. Mauve Group ensures that clients and workers alike benefit from reduced risks, lower costs, and faster timescales as they embark on their new global venture.



Demonstration of Industry Leadership

Mauve’s industry leadership is built on our knowledge of EoR and market dynamics in Asia, which developed since the company’s establishment in the 1990s. Mauve’s co-founders worked on projects engaging contractors in Japan and Thailand to install telecommunication infrastructure – this practice laid the foundations for the global EoR model.

Led by the EoR industry’s first female CEO, and with 27+ years of experience handling complex employment frameworks, Mauve has seen every possible case and solution, and now provides its wealth of expertise on to our clients and the wider EoR industry, much of which remains in its infancy.

Provision of innovative product & service offerings.

Recently winning Most Innovative Workforce Solution at the INT-X Awards 2023, Mauve is internationally-recognised as founders and architects of today’s global EoR marketplace. In 2011, we were pioneers of the now globally-familiar Employer of Record (EoR) solution, which spearheaded the rise of the hybrid and remote work models that enabled clients to expand and increase their bottom line, particularly in complex post-2020 economic conditions.

Mauve’s innovative strategy of running EoR solutions through its network of wholly-owned entities differs from competitors who subcontract in-country EoRs or set-up as foreign employers, which provides less security and rights for clients and workers alike.

Mauve Group