Organisational Development Concepts Pte Ltd

Demonstration of industry leadership

Founded in 2010 shortly after the global financial crisis, ODC sets out in her mission to impact the training landscape positively through the incorporations of training and skills practice through role plays. Developing a strong core of experienced senior consultants complimented with a team of workplace coaches and skills assessors, ODC implemented role play assessments for their programmes across Asia Pacific.  To augment the transfer of learning, ODC launched its Integrated Coaching Solutions powered by MasterCoach App to support transference of learning. 

Provision of innovative product & service offering

Currently with a network of ODC’s qualified trainers in 14 different cities, ODC provides turn-key solutions localised for Asia Pacific. Through its regional capabilities, ODC has supported the scaling and expansion of business operations for high-tech, globalising organisation to establish its operational culture through its management skills training, role play assessments.

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