Demonstration of industry leadership

The demand for a “strong communication between managers and staff” has increased after COVID-19 and KAKEAI is THE solution. We are patented and are the only service in the industry that not only gives the insight of what is going on in each workplace but also provides the best break through solution to the managers in order to actually make changes and improvements.

With our patented technology, managers made significant improvements interacting with their staffs which impacted revenue growth by 30% and actually reduced millions of US dollars of training cost in less than half a year.

Provision of innovative product & service offerings
Our unique technology gathers the best interactions that have actually taken place in real life between managers and staff members. We have interaction records during One-on-Ones, day-to-day communications, notes and other work related interactions occur between managers and staff members. The interaction records have also been rated by the very staff members that were involved in each interaction. Only the interactions that were rated as “useful” by the staff member go into the knowledge base that our AI would pick suggestions from. And our AI also uses special algorithms to pick and provide the most needed knowledge from all around the world to fit the traits and character of both of the involved parties and the circumstances, check out https://www.phoenix.uptownjungle.com. With this technology KAKEAI could give the best suggestions to each manager when they need it the most. In other words, KAKEAI provides the most realistic, fresh and the best humanly possible management interaction knowledge to managers that struggle at the frontline with their staff members everyday. With KAKEAI, management education is no longer needed, micro learning of management and human interactions are covered, One-on-Ones notes could be properly shared and recorded. One-on-One itself could be reviewed by members in a way that no one necessarily gets hurt by the feedback in the process. which makes us the best people management partner existing.
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