Healthway Medical Group

2023 Contenders | Best Corporate Wellness Solution Provider

Healthway Medical Group is a private healthcare provider, with one of the largest networks of clinics and medical centres in Singapore. The group was started 1990 with a mission to provide accessible, affordable, and quality medical services to our patients, and we remain committed to our mission to this day.

We currently own, operate and manage more than a hundred clinics and medical centres. These facilities are located in most parts of Singapore, including many major hospitals.



Demonstration of industry leadership

Healthway Medical Group has a network of more than over 50 General Practitioners (GP) medical clinics islandwide under the Healthway Medical and Silver Cross brand names, one of the largest medical groups in Singapore. The group offers a wide range of services including general medical consultations, management of chronic medical conditions, health screening packages and preventive medicine.

Healthway Medical also services more than 2000 corporate clients, including MNCs as well as SMEs, catering to each company’s requirements. These clients receive dedicated service from the corporate servicing team, with a staff of account managers on-hand to solve problems and answer questions when needed.


Provision of innovative product & service offerings

Every company’s needs are different, and as a service provider, Healthway understands the importance of meeting those specific needs. Different cost models also cater to the clients’ needs and criteria for their staff. On top of outpatient consultations, we also provide preventive healthcare such as health screenings and vaccination programmes, to keep the company healthier and reduce the need for medical care at all.

Healthway Medical Group