2023 Contenders | Best Employer of Record (EOR) Service Provider

G-P is the pioneer and recognized leader of the global employment industry and delivers world-class global compliance and workforce products designed to meet the needs of growing companies since 2012. G-P’s global growth platform is driven by the G-P Meridian Suite, the first customizable SaaS-based global employment product suite, addressing the needs of companies of all sizes looking to build and manage global teams in the new world of work. G-P has helped thousands of customers build and manage teams quickly and compliantly in 180+ countries without navigating legal, tax or HR issues.

G-P recently introduced a new category of HR Tech – global growth technology – that was sparked by the demands and opportunities of the everywhere workforce. The company’s vision for and investment in global growth technology will redefine the EOR sector and drive forward the future of work.

A testament to its market leadership, in the last three consecutive years, independent analysts from Nelson Hall, Everest Group, and the IEC Group have recognised G-P for its industry expertise, innovative technology, and exceptional customer experience. Analyst firm Lighthouse Research and Advisory also named the company as a winner in the Best Global Solution category in its HR Tech Awards.

Website: https://www.globalization-partners.com/


Demonstration of industry leadership 

G-P is the pioneer and recognized leader of the global employment industry. Analyst firms Nelson Hall, Everest Group and The IEC Group have named G-P an EOR industry leader and The Financial Times ranked G-P as one of the fastest-growing companies in America.

When it was founded, G-P changed the rules of international business and created a new industry: EOR. Now it’s reinventing EOR with a new HR Tech sector: global growth technology, designed to catapult businesses to success by providing the necessary tools and guidance to create, support, implement and manage the demands of “the everywhere workforce.”


Provision of innovative product & service offerings 

G-P launched the employer of record (EOR) industry and recently introduced global growth technology, which focuses on delivering AI-based products that address everything a company needs for global growth – ensuring frictionless, compliant employee lifecycle management.

G-P’s global growth technology platform, including G-P’s customisable SaaS-based employment solution, G-P Meridian Suite, provides all the essential tools for businesses to quickly and compliantly build and manage their global workforce. It provides rich insights and global expertise, removes the friction for global expansion, and ensures compliant employee lifecycle management – enabling turn-key global expansion for all businesses from start-ups to large enterprise companies.