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FaceFi is an AI Research and Computer Vision company based in Bengaluru, Karnataka, India.

FaceFi, a no-code computer vision AI platform. We enhance the computer vision ability between humans and objects in the real business world. The cloud-based platform is agile, robust, secure and scalable. Founded in the year 2018, FaceFi is a subsidiary of the SPRIN Group, India.


Demonstration of industry leadership​

Upgrade your Business to Face Recognition Check-ins with Gamification

  • Identification
    Unique ID & Classify the user by showing their face
  • Authentication
    validate schedules & secure Face access Entry with location
  • Gamification
    Time-Task Game with fun & play for self motivation


Provision of innovative product & service offering​s

FaceFi brings a FaceFi-ID for work which is pretty cool. Here’s how it works and how to use it.

Using your face to authenticate your official activities / schedule by any smartphone or tablet or only approved users can authenticate surveillance cameras feels like you’re living in the future.

Outside of authenticate scheduled from your phone, Work FaceFi ID is used to:

  •  Work FaceFi ID authenticate for official schedules
  • Access to your duty roster
  • Tasks, meetings
  • Work from home attendance
  • Client / customer meeting authentication
  • Office shuttle / travel
  • Visitor approval pass generation
  • Approvals & more
  • User approved access approved surveillance cameras only till the schedule or user approve accepts
  • Customer / employee onboarding process with FaceFi Kiosk