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2023 Contenders | Best Corporate - Leadership Development Provider

The Economist Intelligence Corporate Network is an exclusive professional networking forum for business leaders, blending the collective intelligence of The Economist Group with the global insight and experience of senior executives working in the world’s most exciting regions. The Economist Intelligence Corporate Network has more than 3,000 individual members who hold influential positions in the region’s most successful corporations and their global market insights are highly valued by their colleagues. We bring expert insight into your organisation.



Demonstration of industry leadership

EICN’s Regional Leaders Programme (RLP)’s success in industry leadership is best told by its sheer growth, nearly doubling (▲93%) in 18 months, to a current base of approximately 800 participants worldwide. 

RLP started as a solution to growing concerns among C-suite executives about succession readiness in corporate leadership. Building upon the daily interaction of our editorial experts with thousands of top executives worldwide, it became apparent that corporate leaders needed their mid-seniority staff to broaden their understanding of key global challenges and opportunities that may affect their industries.

Provision of innovative product & service offerings

RLP is not a regular business course or a simplified MBA. It is a tailored programme of carefully selected content regularly discussed by C-suite executives at EICN events. In other words, the contents covered have already been validated by corporate bosses before being passed on to their more junior staff at RLP sessions. As such, the syllabus is constantly updated and delivered in a “rolling calendar” style, covering critical topics such as the future of financial markets, digitisation and AI, rising economic powers, company culture, trends in global trade, sustainability, and others.

Furthermore, the RLP is a globalised programme where students and facilitators gather from all EICN locations: Tokyo, Seoul, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Dubai, and Johannesburg. During the breakout room sessions in each class, attendees have the opportunity to share and compare notes with peers from various industries and geographic regions, creating a multicultural and vibrant space for peer-to-peer learning. This dynamic environment evolves with each session, as break-out rooms are randomly generated from within the 800-strong student body.

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