AsiaMedic Wellness Assessment

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AsiaMedic Wellness Assessment Centre Pte Ltd is a one-stop health screening centre located in Orchard Road, Shaw House, opened in 1997. Ultrasound and Advanced Imaging such as CT, PET, MRI machines are all wholly owned by AsiaMedic, and located within the level of the centre. 80% of its clients are mainly corporate clients.

 AsiaMedic Wellness Assessment Centre Pte Ltd is part of the holding company, AsiaMedic Limited. Some of the entities under AsiaMedic Limited include, Orchard Imaging Centre, Complete Healthcare International and Astique.



Demonstration of industry leadership

AsiaMedic Wellness Assessment Centre Pte Ltd is part of the holding company, AsiaMedicLimited. Entities under AsiaMedic Limited include,

  1. Orchard Imaging Centre
  2. Complete Healthcare International
  3. Astiqueclinic AsiaMedic

Business can be broken down into 3 segments,

  1. Corporate Health screening
  2. Onsite screening and projects

AsiaMedic’s Revenue has steadily increased and triples in the last seven years. A significant grown in both revenue and patient seen, from the Year 2017 SGD6.97 Million to the Year 2018, SGD 8.15 Million, 16.8% growth and number patients saw an increase from 6,876 to 7,312, 6% growth.

Provision of innovative product & service offering

 Been a trusted partner of HPB, AsiaMedic is taking the lead on the following Major National Healthcare initiatives. Especially with the new onsite Secondary 1 and 2 HPV vaccination program. Our clinical team is equipped to provide the highest healthcare quality and services. This in turn, makes AsiaMedic the new gold standard within the private healthcare service provider.

  1. Functional, Chronic Screening and health coaching for elderlies at Wet Marketing and heartland mall.
  2. School Health Screening for Primary and Secondary School.
  3. National Myopia Prevention Programme for Kindergartens
  4. obesity screening for Tertiary Schools
  5. Chronic Screening for corporates
  6. Secondary 1 and 2 HPV on-site vaccination program
AsiaMedic Wellness Assessment