Demonstration of industry leadership

Talentlytica is one of the leading online ‘assessment as a service’ providers in Indonesia. We provide our service to one of the fastest growing beauty product brands in Indonesia, Paragon Corp (the company behind Wardah), Indonesia’s state-owned enterprises in pharma and financial services sector and several psychology and consulting firms. Despite being set up only 3 years ago and established as a bootstrap HR tech startup company, we managed to grow our revenue 150% year on year.

Provision of innovative product & service offerings

Talentlytica developed psychometrically-proven online assessment tools which help companies illuminate their employees and prospective employees potentials. We have also developed synchronous proctoring technology to mitigate and lower the risk of cheating as well continuously improve the items used on the assessment tools.

We periodically work with our clients to renew the items as well as develop new scoring norms based on their assessment needs.

At the moment, we are perfecting our AI-supported synchronous assessment center platform, VANIA, to generate automatic transcriptions of the interview/FGD/role-play sessions and assist the assessors to ‘tag’ specific behavior or competence indicators which the participants demonstrate through their speech or observable behaviors during the sessions. This technology not only increases the efficiency of the assessment report time but also the accuracy of assessment by providing time stamp video-evidence of their rated behaviors.

Our other services include:

  1. PERSONA, psychological assessment battery for evaluating individual potential aspects. Utilizing two intelligence tests (TIKI & LAI) and two personality assessments (WBA & WPA), Persona will generate real-time TPA (Talentlytica Psychograph Analytics) by automatic algorithm. Not only being used for recruitment, Persona is also used for employee potential mapping and related analytics.
  2. QUTEST, a mobile-first screening test to assess work quantity (energy of will, and quality (attention, concentration). Its mobile-first web-based characteristic makes the application easy to access for candidate or existing employees. Similar to Persona, QUTEST will create an automatic report once the testee has finished assessment.
  3. TRISA, competency evaluation platform by applying 360o feedback approach. To complement and/or substitute professional assessor from assessment center method, Trisa employs competency estimation from colleague / peers knowledge and experience in daily-work interaction. Besides using a more user-friendly approach to reduce rater bias, Trisa uses Multi Facet Rasch (Statistical) Model rather than using simple statistics for ensuring purity
    of competency score from rater severity and item/aspect difficulty.
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