Scotwork Asia

2023 Contenders | Best Corporate - Training Provider

Since 1975, Scotwork have been leading the way to create greater engagement and application by mixing global reach with rich local knowledge. We work with organisationslarge and small across all industry sectors.

Because we deliver proven transformation and ROI, we have grown into the world’s number one independent negotiation consultancy, operating in 120 countries with 48 offices, delivering training and consultancy in 29 languages.

After 48 years globally (and 28 years in Asia), we continue to set best practice – giving people powerful skills that transform their lives and more successful futures.


Contact Details: [email protected] | +65 6552 1545

Demonstration of industry leadership

Scotwork Asia have continued to invest in ensuring we deliver the very highest level of customer engagement and transformation and have been obsessively measuring, monitoringand modifying this for almost 30 years.

Our customers continue to share hard and soft measures 90 days after every engagement and we currently deliver 16x INCREMENTAL ROI over this period, which is unprecedented in our sector.

Our customers continue to report 4.7 /5 and 4.6 /5 satisfaction scores for our face to face and virtual programmes with the latter being well ahead of our sector average.

Provision of innovation product & service offerings

Customers continue to demand higher and higher levels of engagement, transformation and ROI., as well as unprecedented levels of flexibility and creativity.

This is good for our sector and ensures that organisations like Scotwork Asia must continue to invest in being the best we can be and delighting our customers with a fine balance of proven programmes and ever-increasing flexibility, to ultimately give the customer what they believe they need – tempered by what we continue to prove delivers for them – against Industry leading best practice.

Scotwork Asia