Scotwork Asia

2023 Contenders | Best Corporate - Leadership Development Provider

Since 1975, Scotwork have been leading the way to create greater engagement and application by mixing global reach with rich local knowledge. We work with organisationslarge and small across all industry sectors.

Because we deliver proven transformation and ROI, we have grown into the world’s number one independent negotiation consultancy, operating in 120 countries with 48 offices, delivering training and consultancy in 29 languages.

After 48 years globally (and 28 years in Asia), we continue to set best practice – giving people powerful skills that transform their lives and more successful futures.


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 Demonstration of industry leadership

Scotwork Asia continues to invest in ensuring we can deliver the very highest level of customer engagement and transformation and have been obsessively measuring, monitoring, and modifying this for almost 30 years. And by doing so, we continue to support leaders to develop themselves and their teams to ensure they continue to perform at their best.

Our customers & their leaders have looked to us for thought leadership throughout and we have responded by investing in leadership development initiatives aimed at delivering sustainability and responsibility in all our consultancy solutions as we take them on a JOURNEY of learning & development (before, during & after).

Provision of innovation product & service offerings

Even after Covid, it is still without a doubt one of the greatest challenges for leaders across both internally and externally.

Strong leadership has determined not only the survival of businesses, but also the speed of recovery and future success for Leaders and their teams.

Responsible leadership training and consultancy is seen by many as a way to help stimulate their teams, rebuild team spirit and morale and investing in the leadership capability and capacity has seen Scotwork Asia have its busiest ever period and build even more intimate relationships with the leaders we support.

Scotwork Asia