santa fe

Santa Fe

Demonstration of industry leadership

Our strength as an organization lies in our people, our extensive experience and global footprint. Continuous improvement and innovation are embedded into Santa Fe, with a central specialist team in technology, innovation, and customer experience, along with subject matter experts and local teams.

Our global system for monitoring trends, coupled with vast internal resources on the ground gives us the data and experience to identify needs and field-test new ideas. These capabilities have enabled us to continue to support our clients in mobilizing talent even against the backdrop of the pandemic.

Provision of innovative product & service offerings

Duty of care has never been more critical to employers and Global Mobility teams and understanding where employees are and how local circumstances are impacting them is essential. Throughout the pandemic, our local teams have continuously innovated at speed. We have several COVID-19 support initiatives, such as virtual orientation, virtual surveys, self-service features, increased mobile features, and improved communication systems.

We effectively leveraged government support, reducing the working hours of some teams, and provided continuous service to clients by deploying global teams, making the best use of available hours within our global employee network. This enabled business continuity and maintained client service levels.

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