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Provision of innovative product & service offering

The SandMerit™ KPI software was designed to reflect true employee performance over the year. By linking employee performance to corporate objectives, companies have a complete view on how their company is doing at any point in time from the operational and strategic aspects of the busines, such as sales, productivity, customer service, quality of deliverables and other key functions. KPIs, Competencies and 360 Feedback are readily available in the software to give a balanced review of an employee’s performance for the year.

The software’s inclusion of “SandMerit™ points”, which allows employees to earn these points through hitting targets, and using these points to redeem for items and services, helps to create acceptability of KPIs and the urgency to hit those KPIs.

Built for rapid implementation, ease-of-use for managers and employees, and offering enough flexibility in KPI formats such as ordinary KPIs, accumulative KPIs, shared KPIs, merit-demerit KPIs and multi-reviewer KPIs, SandMerit™ KPI software is available as a Software-as-a-Service and has a mobile app version.
With the combination of good KPIs and the SandMerit™ KPI software, our clients have seen improvement in employee behaviour and productivity – higher compliance to attendance, reduction in delivery and support time, and increased sales. New joiners are onboarded to a high performance culture and work harder to achieve their KPIs. And through the use of the software, low and non-performers are quickly identified.

Clients now save hundreds of man-hours that they would ordinarily take to conduct appraisals because the SandMerit™ KPI software aggregates the KPI scores of each employee over the year and presents it automatically to the reviewer and reviewee.

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