Safe Space™

2023 Contenders | Best HR Tech - Employee Benefits Solution

Safe Space™ is a leading B2B2C digital mental healthcare provider and ecosystem. We strengthen workplace mental resilience by providing fast & affordable access to quality mental health therapy care (online and offline), preventive education and we can prove positive outcomes for our clients. By building trust and transparency, our employee assistance program has a high 59% utilization rate and 94.3% Net Promoter Score. We have just launched a non-profit arm, The Safe Space Foundation.



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Demonstration of industry leadership / Provision of innovative product & service offerings

93.7% of our users agreed that Safe Space™ had a positive impact on their mental health.

Safe Space™ is a great online service for counselling. With mental health being more and more talked about, I think it is great that a platform like this exists for people to get help more conveniently. Safe Space has provided me an outlet to express myself and introspect without judgement, and has made me become more self-aware of my feelings and thoughts.”

The top 3 improvements to our users’ mental well-being were:

  • Better Self-Awareness
  • Better Understanding of Feelings
  • Reduced Anxiety

75% of users reported Safe Space™ having a better impact on their mental well-being as compared to other solutions.

“I really appreciated the services offered by Safe Space™. Other counselling spaces are often very expensive with inaccessible timings. The accessible timing on weeknights and weekends are also often subjected to surcharge. With severe anxiety issues, I prefer a regular therapy curriculum which means each session cannot be too costly.”

Safe Space™