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Resource Solutions

Demonstration of industry leadership

Beyond our continued focus on delivering world-class workforce and advisory solutions, our business has adapted in unison with our clients’ needs to fully support them during the Covid-19 pandemic. We’ve played an advisory role, creating innovative solutions to a range of pandemic-created issues such as the rapid deployment of remote/hybrid workforce solutions, fluid team capacity management and scalable ramp-up of critical talent to enable business continuity for all our clients across 14 APAC countries. Simultaneously, we refocused our business on responsible growth to strengthen and diversify our regional portfolio.
Since taking office this year our CEO, Norm Gillespie, has demonstrated her advocacy of inclusion and women in leadership, launching our new diverse hiring advisory service, and strengthening our relationship with ED&I consultants Vercida. As a result, our client service and ED&I efforts have already been shortlisted for six awards this year.

Provision of innovative product & service offering

By offering our clients our unique ‘RS Intelligence’ market intelligence service, we helped our clients, across multiple industry sectors, identify future workforce gaps, and combat current critical talent shortages caused by the pandemic. Simultaneously, our focus on Project RPO and quick-to-deploy service model ‘RapidSource’ enabled our clients to scale their recruitment quickly to meet the demands of continuing uncertain business and market conditions.
With a global renewed focus on ED&I, we’ve also launched our award-winning, diverse hiring advisory solution to assist companies to reach their D&I goals faster and enable meaningful measurable change.
Our in-depth service evolution workshops resulted in the expansion of existing client services into new markets, as well as contract extensions of existing services, all by focusing on delivering more client-relevant, innovative, and impactful solutions to our clients.

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