Resilience Institute

2023 Contenders | Best Corporate - Leadership Development Provider | Best Corporate Wellness Solution Provider

Resilience Institute was founded in 2002 and is a globally trusted partner for building sustainable performance in organisations. With foundations in sports and neuroscience, we have trained over 500,000 participants across the globe and our approach is designed to provide tools that enable a culture of high performance, trust, collaboration, and care. We are the leading global provider of a holistic approach to an organization’s performance and wellbeing. We dedicate time to research that measures human resilience globally and analyzethis data which presents the world’s leading insights related to resilience, well-being and high performance in the workplace. 


Demonstration of industry leadership / Provision of innovation product & service offerings

We measure, benchmark and map people’s performance through our proprietary resilience diagnostic (RD).  Organisations globally have used RD Score for insights across 11 categories and 60 mental health, well-being, EQ and high-performance factors.

We are leaders in delivering a holistic approach to performance with practical, evidence-based, and integrated training experiences that bring together modern preventative medicine, positive psychology, emotional intelligence, and neuroscience.

Our RISE App and Digital Toolkit is a coach in pocket that enables learning and measurement on the go. It supports goal setting, one-minute coaching, chatbot to answer questions, daily meditations and over 55 micro-learning videos and monthly live webinars.

Resilience Institute