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Ready Software Pte Ltd

Demonstration of industry leadership

Ready Software team of professionals is dedicated to developing innovative and user-friendly software and to give prompt support service. The company‚Äôs corporate mission is to deliver ” Quality Software with Superior Services”. Ready Software uses the latest technology and practices to develop our software which run both on Cloud and on Premise. We have a unique practice of encouraging customers to freely suggest new features and improvements in the software that they are using. Good features reflecting current practices and useful reports are incorporated into the software without additional charge as part of annual maintenance upgrade.

Provision of innovative product & service offering

Ready Software is a major player in the provision of payroll, human resource, employee self service applications and fixed assets management software and services.

Our several thousands of customers ranges from multinational and public listed companies to small and medium enterprises in all kinds of industries. With our core competence, expertise and experience, we developed software and web-based solutions and related services that meets customer’s needs. The consistent design of all Ready Software products makes it user-friendly and comprehensive. Ready Software provides software installation, training, telephone, email and remote support, consultancy services and data migration from any previous system or from Excel into Ready Software systems without re-entering any historical data. Ready Software provide value added services such as payroll outsourcing services and fixed assets reporting service. We
are truly a total solutions company.

Our software comes with comprehensive reporting and query. Confidential data are encrypted in the database for better security. Audit trail logged every activity and entry to the database and mufti-level passwords provide good security in the systems that ensures sensitive information remains confidential. Export feature allows data to interface with Excel and other systems. Image capability allows for picture storage eg. photographs, certificates, receipts etc. Ready Software products run on Cloud or on Premise in-house servers and computers. Our web-based applications are developed with .net technology on MS SQL database. Applications on ReadyServer has Secured Socket Layer (SSL certification) via https. Ready Software is committed to providing secured systems and services in compliance with Personal Data Protection Act.

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