Multiplier was founded in 2020 to simplify how companies hire, pay, and manage employees in countries without a local legal entity.

With over 150 entities and partnerships established worldwide, Multiplier’s platform simplifies the employment process by taking charge of the complexities involved in expanding and employing in new markets.

The company’s main product is an Employer of Record (EOR) solution that allows Multiplier to partner with clients, acting as the legal employer and managing the risk and compliance of new and existing employees. In addition to this, Multiplier also provides a Professional Employer Organisation service (PEO) to manage payroll for companies that already have a local entity and also a Freelancer service to accommodate a variety of employment requirements for scaling businesses. 

By solving the headaches and issues of global employment, Multiplier is helping eliminate borders to re-distribute the supply and demand of global talent by providing opportunities for people and scaling companies across the world. 

There’s no reason why businesses shouldn’t have access to the brightest, most talented people. Multiplier makes that opportunity a reality.