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2023 Contenders | Best HR Tech - Employee Benefits Solution

We’re a health technology company, but our business is about people. For over 28 years, we have been the trusted partner in corporate healthcare. We offer real-time solutions and have guided over 7,000 corporations in Singapore in taking ownership of their own health and wellness. 

Our services include: 

–           Corporate Health/ Employee Benefits

–           Health Screening (Pre-employment, Executive)

–           Provider/ Medical Panel Management

–           Contact Centre & LOG

–           TPA Medical Claims & Flex Adjudication

–           Mobile Web Solution (Telemedicine, Data Analytics)

–           Integrated One-Stop Solution



Contact Details: For Corporate Enquiries+(65) 6774 5005 | [email protected] 


Demonstration of Industry Leadership

MHC is a health tech company that connects People, Process and Technology to deliver exceptional healthcare outcomes for our customers. Introducing our MHC Programme that provides healthcare via technology (Member and HR app) with cost containment and enhanced patient care coupled with data analytics tool to help our clients manage their business and employees’ needs more effectively.

We are the trusted partner in corporate healthcare since 1994 and have been offering real-time solutions and guiding corporates in taking ownership of their own wellness. We currently serve 1 million users through our mobile applications and support 7,500 corporate customers in Singapore.


Provision of innovative product & service offerings.

We launched Connect MHC, a Whatsapp Virtual Assistant which helps clients with support issues. This has resulted in 300 chats daily, raising efficiencies and allowing our contact centre to handle urgent calls.


 Besides GP services for our Teleconsult, we have introduced GP+ which includes Women’s and Skin health. We have introduced a virtual queue in our telemedicine feature so that customers can see how long their waiting time is.


We have also introduced Home Health Services where customers can do their health screening in the comfort of their home. For health screening reports, customers can also access via our app.

Link: MHC Home Health Services Online store (

MHC Asia Group