Demonstration of industry leadership

More than 1,200 commercial enterprises, government organisations and educational institutes with over 5 million users around the world rely on imc‘s holistic and bespoke solutions. We are located at 12 offices around the world with 300 employees to serve your complex requirements. imc focuses on supporting organisations where learning is key to the business performance and viability, beyond a feel-good measure and a nice-to-have.

Provision of innovative product & service offering

imc Learning Suite – Everything you need in one Learning Management System

Our learning management system features

Competency management

Document individual skills in the competency database and enable learners to close knowledge gaps independently.


The Learning Suite includes a gamification engine that can gamify all learning activities across the entire platform. Points and badges visualise the learners’ successes. 

Learning paths

With learning paths, long-term professional development plans can be realised without having to book each course separately, and certifications can be added.  

Automatically efficient

Minimise administration: Automate complex and recurrent processes for maximum efficiency.

Automated reporting

Always keep track of user behaviour, learning outcomes and the current status of compliance- related processes.

Complex certification processes have never been this easy

Our learning management system offers reliable support in the implementation of sophisticated certification processes and compliance measures.