Globalization Partners

Demonstration of industry leadership

Globalization Partners was named leader of the global Employer of Record industry in both innovation and scale by Nelson Hall in 2020.

Founded in 2012, the originator of the sector, Globalization Partners is the largest and most established, self-sustaining Employer of Record, tracking toward US$1 billion in annual recurring revenue this year.

Tens of thousands of users trust our global employment platform every day for services including payroll, benefits, data and reporting, performance management, locally compliant contract generation, and more.

Our HR, finance, and legal operations experts maintain our 98 percent customer satisfaction rating by providing 24/7 support to customers and their employees 365 days a year.

Provision of innovative product & service offerings

With a presence in 187 countries, we make it fast and easy for companies to hire anyone, anywhere, within minutes, without setting up subsidiaries via our legally compliant global employment platform.

Our AI-driven technology enables companies to draft and issue locally compliant employment contracts from our local legal entities instantly. This makes growing a global team quicker and simpler for companies everywhere.  

We combine a full stack global employment platform with 24/7 industry expert customer service. In as few as three clicks, customers can access guidance on countries of interest, obtain a quote, and sign a contract.