FaceFi Private Limited

Demonstration of industry leadership

Upgrade your Business to  Face Recognition Check-ins with Gamification

  • Identification
    Unique ID & Classify the user by showing their face
  • Authentication
    validate schedules & secure Face access Entry with location
  • Gamification
    Time-Task Game with fun & play for self motivation
Provision of innovative product & service offering

FaceFi brings a FaceFi-ID for work which is pretty cool. Here’s how it works and how to use it.

Using your face to authenticate your official activities / schedule by any smartphone or tablet or only approved users can authenticate surveillance cameras feels like you’re living in the future.

Outside of authenticate scheduled from your phone , Work FaceFi ID is used to:

  • Work FaceFi ID authenticate for official schedules
    o Access to your duty roster
    o Tasks, meetings
    o Work from home attendance
    o Client / customer meeting authentication
    o Office shuttle / travel
    o Visitor approval pass generation
    o Approvals & more
  • User approved access approved surveillance cameras only till the schedule or user approve accepts
  • Customer / employee onboarding process with FaceFi Kiosk