Demonstration of industry leadership
Founded in 2004, BIPO is a leading one-stop global HR service provider with a focus on providing an integrated HR solution through our cloud and mobile-based HRMS platform to simplify manual HR processes and improve productivity for businesses. Leading HR Service Provider in Asia With Singapore as our APAC Headquarters, BIPO is present in 11 countries and serves the needs of over 1,600 clients in more than 12 different industries. BIPO is committed to investing in technology, innovation and infrastructure development, ensuring : • Guaranteed Service Level Agreement (SLA) of 99.5% uptime and all data transfer using SSL. • Software updates aligned with governmental statutory changes. These are not hosted on-premise, which translates to no version locking during system update, resulting in zero downtime and saving costs. • ISO-27001 Information Security Management System certification • Annual security vulnerability assessment conducted by a third-party risk assessment vendor ensures compliance with industry standards while safeguarding/protecting clients’ interests. These are especially important to ensure data integrity for our Enterprise clients who have stringent requirements and for our SME/start-up clients who may not have the technical expertise or resources to conduct similar tests.
Provision of innovative product & service offering

BIPO’s cloud and mobile-based HRMS platform is an “all-in-one” solution, available on iOS and Android with multi-device compatibility covering core HR modules like Personnel, Payroll, Attendance, Leave Management, Claims, Training, Recruitment and Performance Management.

Our USP lies in our ability to provide an integrated solution that allows users action ac site, to manage core HR functions (particularly payroll) across multiple countries all on a single platform – all of which are compliant with local statutory regulations.

BIPO safe entry
With social distancing the #newnorm, our leadership team also actively engaged with our client to sure ensure their workplaces are safe when they eventually resume operations fully. Providing clock-in systems that detect the wearing of face masks and touch-free door access are now a priority at workplaces.
BIPO Safe Entry was launched in Singapore on 20 August 2020. BIPO Safe Entry is a contactless clock-in and door access system that features AI facial recognition (for mask detection) and contactless temperature.