Abhidi Solution

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Abhidi Solutions, is an emerging, end-to-end information technology services and solutions provider, working with leading organizations from the Financial Services, Technology, Communications & Media, Manufacturing & Retail, Energy and Utilities and various other domains. Abhidi delivers highly responsive and innovative solutions that help clients to align their IT strategy with their business goals and address the most important IT needs today.

Website: http://www.abhidisolution.com/


Demonstration of industry leadership / Provision of innovative product & service offerings

 We deliver a full portfolio of services that include IT Consulting, Application Development and Management, Independent Testing, Outsourced Product Development, Enterprise Software Solutions, Business Intelligence & Data Warehousing as well as Resource Augmentation. Also, we engage in providing Training, Managed and Infrastructural Services.

Our focus is on delivering superior returns to clients through our cost-effective, efficient, high-value services that run on excellent in-house processes. We are deeply committed to the steady pursuit of our long-term goals and aspirations through service excellence and industry expertise. We strive to consistently deliver on commitments and exceed customer expectations by addressing organizations business specific needs using our superior technical expertise and world class infrastructure.

Abhidi Solution