Witz-U Pte Ltd is a start-up company in Singapore that has developed a clinical grade e-platform that uses technology, big data analytics together with wearables, devices and predictive AI to enable remote data collection and monitoring of users by caregivers and/or healthcare providers.
This bridges the “last mile” of providing care sensing, care continuity, and a holistic appreciation of the psychosocial care needs of patients and e-care collaboration with health partners and clinicians.

The design of clinical care packages in collaboration with clinical experts ensures that care and case management capabilities of the platform are evidence-based so as to deliver better clinical outcomes.
This brings the quality of healthcare to the next level by providing users with solutions that will truly complete the circle of care.

Website: https://www.witzuhealth.com

Demonstration of Industry Leadership

Witz-U believes in evidence and real world outcomes. Led and guided by a pragmatic group of highly experienced healthcare practitioners in the private sector and pioneers in the field of medical informatics, Witz-U focuses on creating value for consumers, patients, families, communities and providers. Despite being only 2 year old, Witz-U has driven health and wellness initiatives in the educational, community, corporate and private primary and specialist care settings. We show how technology should be done right and not just implement technology for the sake of technology.

Provision of Innovative Product & Service Offerings

Witz-U helps providers design care programmes and packages precisely to the needs of their patients and clients. An example is the virtual monitoring and empowerment of cancer patients on lifestyle, quality of life and health parameters whilst they are on certain medications and regimes. Witz-U is also working closely with care coaches and doctors together to bring wellness and health together for their clients and patients in a relevant, cost effective and efficient manner.

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