2022-Scotwork Asia

Scotwork Asia

Scotwork has coached hundreds of thousands of senior managers all over the world in 29 languages and we have grown into the world’s number one independent negotiation consultancy, operating in 120 countries with 46 offices.

We work with organisations large and small across all industry sectors. After more than 45 years (and more than 25 years in Asia), we are still giving people powerful skills that transform their lives and handing businesses more successful futures.

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Demonstration of Industry Leadership

2021/22 was Scotwork Asia’s best-ever year, helping our customer base survive Covid, by switching to 100% virtual delivery and maintaining satisfaction scores (4.7/5.0), whilst increasing average ROI from 14 to 16x.

Investing locally for 30 years, Scotwork Asia is now truly established on the World stage.

Scotwork Asia’s performance secured a first top 10 finish within our 40 Global teams, beating larger teams in China, Japan, Brazil and Canada.

We’ve used our lockdown experience and revenues to fund further local investment: new staff, training centre alliances and more flexible blended solutions, that give sustainability through more effective transformation and embedding.

Provision of Innovation Product & Service Offerings

We are measuring the success of our product innovation and services, by the genuine impact we have on business transformation (as measured by our before and after benchmarking studies). We deliver tangible results by delivering Global standards that are locally applied. This leads to improved capability (process, skills, control, confidence and satisfaction) and ever-increasing Industry leading ROI. This highly innovative and unique approach will feature in our first ever TV commercial on Channel news Asia.

We continue to disrupt the market and set higher and higher standards for delivery both in terms of satisfaction and ROI.

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