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MetaMind Training

At MetaMind, we strive for leadership transformation that creates culture change and employee engagement. We assess an organization’s systems and processes, as well as the skillset and mindset that are needed to succeed. 

MetaMind was founded by Mette Johansson, author, keynote speaker and award-winning social entrepreneur. She worked in leadership roles for multinational corporations for 15 years before founding MetaMind. Mette is a recipient of the Asia Women Icon award, co-Founder of The Inclusive Leaders Institute. She is the founder and Chairperson for KeyNote Women Speakers.

MetaMind Training offers remarkable leadership programmes that includes Authentic Leadership, Inspirational Leadership, Inclusive Leadership, Diversity and Inclusion, Women in Leadership programs, Intercultural Intelligence, as well as a broad scope of communication and presentation skills.   MetaMind also offers individual and group coaching sessions. These programmes are delivered with quality, sincere, and authentic service.

Website: metamindtraining.com

Demonstration of Industry Leadership

The Women in Leadership program is ideal for female, mid-level managers and women with high potential to take on bigger leadership roles. The program covers carefully curated topics that will prepare women to be confident and soar in their careers. The program helps participants understand the complexity of gender diversity, and what they as powerful women can do to thrive in their career. They are empowered to take charge of their own career and present themselves and speak up in a man’s world. This program will not only help women to show up at work with increasingly renewed energy but also give them the tools to take the lead.

Provision of Innovation Product & Service Offerings

The Women in Leadership Accelerator Program includes building awareness about women’s situation in business life, teaching skills, and changing mindsets, which lead to behaviour change. We typically have a “hot seat” or coaching session, where one person shares a challenge, and the facilitators coach the person for results. In addition, participants chip in and provide different viewpoints or suggestions. The entire cohort grows in confidence throughout the session, with people speaking up with more confidence, using effective communication. This approach also gives a peer learning effect as a result of this small cohort and group coaching approach.

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