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At MetaMind, we strive for leadership transformation that creates culture change and employee engagement. We assess an organization’s systems and processes, as well as the skillset and mindset that are needed to succeed. 

MetaMind was founded by Mette Johansson, author, keynote speaker and award-winning social entrepreneur. She worked in leadership roles for multinational corporations for 15 years before founding MetaMind. Mette is a recipient of the Asia Women Icon award, co-Founder of The Inclusive Leaders Institute. She is the founder and Chairperson for KeyNote Women Speakers.

MetaMind Training offers remarkable leadership programmes that includes Authentic Leadership, Inspirational Leadership, Inclusive Leadership, Diversity and Inclusion, Women in Leadership programs, Intercultural Intelligence, as well as a broad scope of communication and presentation skills.   MetaMind also offers individual and group coaching sessions. These programmes are delivered with quality, sincere, and authentic service.

Website: metamindtraining.com

Demonstration of Industry Leadership

MetaMind training has successfully supported women in growing their self-confidence, equipping them with the mindset and skills to be successful in today’s business world. However, as women rightfully say, “It’s not just us that need fixing”. When everyone does their part to include people from different backgrounds, we can make real change happen. MetaMind Training has conducted in-house Male Allies programs for the past few years. Now, they are offering a virtual version for multiple clients around EMEA and APAC.

Provision of Innovation Product & Service Offerings

The Male Allies program is designed to help move the needle on gender equity in your organisation—creating a safe space to open up about inclusion and focusing on how to create/develop allyship, as well as the benefits of acting as an advocate in the workplace. They explore the challenges faced in allyship and discuss strategies to use in order to create inclusive leaders, who stand up for fairness for all diversity groups. By focusing on skills such as empathy and emotional intelligence, the program goes beyond inclusion and creates powerful, authentic and empathetic modern leaders.

In addition to inclusive practises, we also have sessions on how to be an authentic leader and live by values—whether these are typically considered “feminine” or “masculine.”

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