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MetaMind Training

At MetaMind, we strive for leadership transformation that creates culture change and employee engagement. We assess an organization’s systems and processes, as well as the skillset and mindset that are needed to succeed. 

MetaMind was founded by Mette Johansson, author, keynote speaker and award-winning social entrepreneur. She worked in leadership roles for multinational corporations for 15 years before founding MetaMind. Mette is a recipient of the Asia Women Icon award, co-Founder of The Inclusive Leaders Institute. She is the founder and Chairperson for KeyNote Women Speakers.

MetaMind Training offers remarkable leadership programmes that includes Authentic Leadership, Inspirational Leadership, Inclusive Leadership, Diversity and Inclusion, Women in Leadership programs, Intercultural Intelligence, as well as a broad scope of communication and presentation skills.   MetaMind also offers individual and group coaching sessions. These programmes are delivered with quality, sincere, and authentic service.

Website: metamindtraining.com

Demonstration of Industry Leadership

MetaMind Training works with some of the most reputed and prestigious organisations to facilitate transformation within organisations to deliver world-class leadership development programs. MetaMind’s programs cater to senior leaders, middle managers, and influencers to help them lead by inspiration. The programs are carefully crafted to suit the needs of the organization to which they are offered. These programs have helped corporate leaders transform their teams into energetic performers, which has resulted in extremely positive work cultures within their organisations. As a result, organisations are equipped with intrapreneurial teams that make these organisations top market players in the industry.

Provision of Innovation Product & Service Offerings

This Inspirational Leadership program is aimed at middle managers as well as senior leaders and influencers such as ERG leaders. This is for leaders who find their teams tired and lacking energy and focus. We have an open program, and in addition frequently customise it for clients (delivered in-house) to suit the behavioural patterns of the organisation’s employees. Our open, 3-session webinar series includes a dissection of what inspires leaders, self-reflection, and hands-on practice on skills to become an inspirational leader. They will be energised and acquire the mindset and communication skills to be inspirational. In short, they will be inspired to inspire their teams!

In the first module, participants will self-reflect and consider their “substance and character”, which will increase self-awareness of how their leadership style and interaction with people will make them inspirational. In the second module, they will reflect on their passion and purpose, in other words: what inspires them. In the final module, we share techniques for communicating in a much more inspirational way, and participants will step out of their comfort zone to share their vision of a better world with passion and enthusiasm.

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