Cekindo Business International

Demonstration of Industry Leadership​

Cekindo is a leading consulting firm of market-entry and corporate services to clients expanding and operating in Indonesia, Vietnam, and further to Asia Pacific.

Cekindo main services covering legal, HR, and finance services such as company registration, licensing, work permit, visa application, payroll outsourcing, accounting, tax reporting, office services, and other services to ensure our client successfully establish their business in Indonesia and comply with the local regulations.

Our expert team of consultants, lawyers, accountants, tax and payroll professionals regularly serve our clients from various countries and industries, ranging from individual entrepreneur, small and medium enterprises, up to large multinational companies (including Fortune 500 companies), such as Ericsson, Huawei, ExxonMobil, Google, Adidas, Samsung, Zomato, Home Credit, Cardinal Health, Tata International.

Cekindo has been recognized as the leading consulting firm and service provider of incorporation, legal compliance, and outsourcing in Indonesia by successfully featured on several national and international media, received national and international awards in 5 consecutive years, and being trustable partner for many government institutions, business associations, and foreign consulting companies in Indonesia.

Cekindo strives for excellence and has desire to grow every year. From the last 6 years, every year we have been growing for more than 50% up to 200%. We are aware of the market update and changes and always adjust our company condition and initiatives accordingly, including implementing technology in our business process.

The year of 2018 is our expansion year, where Cekindo expanded its presence and operations by opening 3 branch offices that are 2 branch offices in Indonesia, located in Bali and Semarang as well as 1 international expansion in Vietnam, located in Ho Chi Minh City.

In the year 2019, our position was recognized globally by being selected to join InCorp Global group, headquartered in Singapore with presence in Asia Pacific, as their subsidiary in Indonesia that we could serve wider clients and expand our impact, not only in Indonesia and Vietnam, but further to Asia Pacific.

Provision of Innovative Product & Service offerings​

Cekindo aims to be always relevant in the market, hence we are always improving our current services and innovating our service offerings according to the demand in the market. Especially in our industry, where the regulations keep on changing in Indonesia, it is really important to keep up to date with the regulations and practice on the field.

If there are new regulations or changes impacting our services, our consultants immediately research on the new regulations to update our knowledge and our field officers conduct research on the field directly on the institutions. Hence, we could update our clients on the changes in a timely manner to ensure our clients will be updated and stay compliant. At the end they will be satisfied with our services and we could keep long term cooperation. As such, it keeps us growing every year and recognized as the leading consulting company in our industry.

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