2022-Asia Pacific Sales & Marketing Academy

Asia Pacific Sales & Marketing Academy

Asia Pacific Sales & Marketing Academy (APACSMA) is a leading authority and preeminent global sales academy. APACSMA has supported enterprise sales organizations adopt, transform, enable, enhance Virtual, Digital and Inside Sales functions through sales advisory and sales education services.

APACSMA is a strategic partner of The Global Inside Sales Association – AA-ISP, a US-based global industry association focused on Inside Sales organizational success, as well as a partner with the Institute of Professional Sales in UK and an Appointed Program Partner with Singapore Government Agency, The Employment and Employability Institute (E2i) Singapore and NTUC – National Trades Union Co-operative.

APACSMA was founded by veteran sales expert Zeenath Kuraisha, who also serves as Singapore Chapter President, Global Mentor, and Expert Panelist for The Global Inside Sales Association [AA-ISP], Founding Fellow for Association of Professional Sales, and as Senior Member of the Singapore Human Resource Institute.

APACSMA clients include Fortune 500 companies and Startup Unicorns. APACSMA has received numerous awards and accolades including ‘Asia’s Educational Excellence Award’ by Singapore Business Review, ‘Best Academic and Industry Interface’ category by CMO Asia, ‘Best Sales Development Programme’ by Times Ascent, ‘Best Sales Training Provider’ by Human Resources Vendors, and ‘Best Corporate Leadership Programme’ award by HRM Asia Readers’ Choice.

Website: apacsma.com

Demonstration of Industry Leadership

  1. APACSMA has partnered with E2i for more than 5-6 years now in providing the Sales Career Conversion programme. This is to enable and transition more talents into the emerging and changing sales skills according to today’s buyers and consumer journey as well as aligning to digital skills. The whole initiative is to ensure mid-career changes have an option to move into the ever-growing world of professional sales as well as to ensure people do not lose job and drive nation’s unemployability. APACSMA continuously researches and develops new programmes in alignment to industry changes, trends and needs.

  2. APACSMA is a strategic partner of the Global Inside Sales Association (AA-ISP) to drive inside sales across APAC and Middle East. Zeenath Kuraisha, CEO of APACSMA, serves as a Chapter President of Singapore Chapter driving inside sales education and community engagements.

  3. APACSMA is the Approved Training Partner for Institute of Professional Sales, an Association dedicated for sales advancement through membership, community engagement and diploma and degree in sales academic qualifications.

  4. Championing Sales Assessments and Audits to endorse learner knowledge and prior learning skills.

  5. Provide best practice research and sharing knowledge and best practice adoption in the industry.

  6. Provided knowledge and support to organizations during COVID to drive remote and virtual skills adoption.

Provision of Innovation Product & Service Offerings

APACSMA’s has two business divisions:

  1. The Corporate Business Unit which focuses on sales enablement advisory services and solutions.

  2. The Education Business Unit which focuses on sales academy offerings which includes assessments, courses and accredited certifications.

Corporate Business Unit

APACSMA Corporate Solutions Division has helped numerous organizations ramp their internal and partner sales enablement efforts. This division provides:

  • Hybrid Managed Services
  • Diagnosis and Advisory Services around:
    • Inside, Virtual and Digital Sales Organizational Set-Up
    • Sales Process Designs
    • Sales Talent Development, On-Boarding, Readiness and Continuous Enablement
    • Sales Audits and Assessments
  • Customized Trainings Curriculum and Workshops for Organizations
  • L&D and Sales Enablement Outsourcing Solutions

Education Business Unit

The Education business units serves both businesses and consumers across various sales disciplines in field, inside, digital, virtual, social and channel sales through MySalesUni, The E-University for Sales. This division provides:

  • Personalized sales education programme designs,
  • Sales-role based courses, certifications and assessments,
  • Specialist Sales Coaches for Sales Leadership and Management,
  • Sales skills assessments and sales standards assessments for individuals and corporations,
  • OFQUAL academic tracks leading to Diploma and Degree programmes,
  • Graduate hiring programmes, talent incubation and career conversion programme designs,
  • And training deliveries in partnership with educational institutions.
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